Friday, October 19, 2007

Free Will Astrology

"A study by the University of London's Institute of Psychiatry concluded that overindulgence in text messaging and e-mailing typically leads to a 10-point loss in IQ, whereas pot smoking causes a decline of only four points. You probably won't have to worry about either of those dangers for a few weeks, though, Virgo, since you're entering an astrological phase when your mind will be working more efficiently than usual. In fact, given how smart you'll just naturally be, you could actually afford to kill off some brain cells. Even if you toke up while texting, your IQ is likely to be above your normal level."

Now, granted i don't often put a whole lot of credence in Astro-zodiac, but when it comes to me like *this* one, i have to take it and go all, WHOOP WHOOP! =)

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